T-Posts, Construction Materials, and Metal Stakes

Tradco, Inc. is a multi-national company with more than 25 years of operations in Houston and over 45 years of manufacturing in Mexico. Tradco specialize in the distribution of t-post, stakes, rebar, rebar fabrications, and construction accessories. Our customers are major players in the Agricultural, Erosion Control, Landscaping, and Construction industries. We service the t-post needs of companies across the Southwestern United States and the rebar needs of local Houston-based companies. Over the past 5 years we have continued to capture and dominate more of this niche business market with great expectations to continue growing.

Tradco is a small family business that prides itself on ensuring customer satisfaction by providing superior service, quality products, and competitive prices. An important part of our Mission Statement explains, “With you in mind, we make it happen”, as we recognize our customers, our employees and our vendors as our most important assets for our success.


Our mission at Tradco is to build solid, long lasting relationships with our customers, vendors, and employees.


Tradco, Inc. proudly operates under our core values of: